FinTech 2017 Preview in 12 Headlines

fintech predictions 2017

Happy New Year! I wish you lots of bitcoin, low remittance fees, secure mobile wallets and cheap P2P insurance. Today, I have prepared a special edition of FinTech Summary for you. We will review of various predictions for 2017, as well as big and important topics that need to be address. After all, we’ve entered the most profound era of change for financial services companies since the 1970s brought us index mutual funds, discount brokers and ATMs. So exciting.

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FinTech 2017 Preview in 12 Headlines


Pascal Bouvier shares his fintech wishlish for 2017. There are many nitty gritty problems that need solving in the financial services industry. Technology, common sense, thoughtful regulation and new business models will address these over time. There are also complex problems, bigly ones, that will require either deceptively simple solutions and/or intricate collaboration among many stakeholders.

10 Predictions for 2017 by Chris Skinner. A FinTech unicorn stumbles (this market is still nascent). Or perhaps SWIFT gets hacked again (how many times can this happen?).

For fintech, 2016 was a year of reckoning. Scandals and layoffs killed industry buzz, and deal activity took a mid-year nosedive. Regulatory uncertainty in the U.S. loomed large, as did Brexit. After a glum 2016, look for startups tackling massive opportunities like insurance and real estate to reenergize the fintech sector.



Bitcoin Blockchain Predictions

2017 Will Prove ‘Blockchain’ Was a Bad Idea. Yet, all in all, 2017 might be the final year in the pump-and-dump scheme of blockchain-without-bitcoin , the last-ditch effort to prove the marginal utility of databases on crypto-steroids. Probably some smart contract hype will clutter the debate, thanks to the smartest ones among the fools trying to outsmart even the smart contract inventor. But most of this fuss will finally leave center stage, allowing for the 2018 return of (a hopefully more fungible) bitcoin.

Another bitcoin ecosystem health check as we slide into 2017. Bitcoin is at its 3 year high. Is justifiable? Daily FinTech carries out a deep dive into bitcoin prices.

2017’s Big Question: Who Pays for the Blockchain? Not since the heady dotcom days have we seen so many experts hyping a new technology. But, amid the hype, little attention has been paid to an important question. Who pays for the blockchain?



Insurtech Regtech Predictions

What’s in Store for RegTech in 2017? RegTech has been a famous buzzword in 2016 and the industry – banking and FinTech alike – is looking eagerly at 2017.

InsurTech’s Predicted Impact on Agents in 2017. This upcoming New Year’s Day, agents and brokers should make a resolution to adopt technology that will more easily support customer requirements.

10 insurtech trends to set the stage for the digital insurance agenda in 2017. These 10 insurtech trends set the stage for the digital insurance agenda. They reinforce the need to connect insurance executives with insurtech leaders, which is basically our mission. It helps us to create an agenda for DIA 2017 Amsterdam that’s in sync with what insurers need and what the latest technologies can provide.

Banking and Payments

Banking and Payments Predictions

The top 10 trends in banking innovation. Littered with global examples, Efma has been running an awards program with Accenture for a few years now, to recognize global banking innovation showed 10 key trends emerging in the past year, of how banks are absorbing innovation.

Top 5 payments predictions for 2017. Brian Roemmele and Faisal Khan look ahead to what might change in payments in 2017.

Here’s why 2017 will be a turning point for the UK marketplace lending industry. The UK’s marketplace lending sector is one of the world’s oldest and largest, but it may be reaching a tipping point whereby growth starts to slow and market dynamics start to change.


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