Fintech is not just fintech anymore

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Fintech is not just fintech anymore
By Chris Skinner

There’s been a lot of talk about fintech lately. We talk about the billions of dollars being invested in fintech; the wave of unicorns and start-ups in this space; the challenge they bring to banks and incumbents; the way in which they are reaching new spaces and places; but what is fintech? It is no longer this big bucket of finance and technology. In fact, saying ‘fintech’ is like saying ‘retailer.’ But what exactly are they retailing and, in the fintech sense, what areas of finance are these companies automating?

Evolution in our sector isn’t about payments, it’s about identity
By Dave Birch

We’re shoehorning systems into environments they were never designed for, so maybe it’s time to rethink and construct a new kind of infrastructure (based on identity, obviously). there’s a shift under way from the ‘POS as a device’ to the ‘POS as a platform’, and there’s a convergence under way, but that convergence is towards the virtual rather than the real. In other words, the checkout and payment experience is converging to the app, not the tap (OK, that’s my bumper sticker and not exactly what the participants said, but I think it conveys the sense of the discussion!) and the payment experience will be the same whether in-store, on the phone or at a website.

Blockchain 2017: Out of the lab, into the field
Diana Biggs

As many have predicted, 2017 is the year blockchain is set to break out of the Proof-of-Concept stage and into production environments. It’s exciting to see the myriad of use cases for this technology being explored . The question then, which projects will we see move into real-world implementations in 2017. While venture investment in the space has been slowing down, the number of projects does appear to be rising. In short, 2017 should be a telling year in understanding which sectors and players will be the first to move beyond the whitepapers and press releases and start gaining some traction. Watch this space.

Machine Learning, AI and the Future of Data Analytics in Banking
By Scott Hackl

Traditional retail banking providers, weighed down by monolithic legacy systems and ponderous regulations, are in uncomfortable territory. Advancements in fintech have upended the industry, enticing both large financial firms and smaller tech startups to apply disruptive technologies in ways that threaten the status quo. To become more agile and remain relevant, traditional retail banking providers find themselves exploring their technological options with focused intensity. In particular, they’re looking for insights into customer behaviors. The answer? Advanced data analytics and AI to allow retail banking providers to focus on high-value activities and creative solutions around the customer experience.

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