FinTech and Bubbles

There is a lot of talk about FinTech and the dreaded b-word. However, whether it’s a bubble or not (yes I just said it) it doesn’t matter. FinTech is enabling breakthrough and reshaping the industry that has hardly changed for the last century. I would like to share an extract from Tom Evslin‘s blog post from January 2005, when the investment world was just waking up to the fact that the Internet bubble wasn’t the end of things, but just the beginning that really sums it up well:
Screenshot 2016-08-05 13.20.38
Maybe some of the unicorns are not unicorns, maybe some rounds are overvalued. What’s definite is that we see what technology can do to our day to day lives and we are embracing it – enabling underbanked join the economy, increasing efficiency and globalisation, enable SMEs thrive through crowdfunding and P2P loans. If this is going to end up in a bubble, let it be. It was worth it.

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