How do I curate articles? The magic that happens behind the scenes

The aim of FinTech Summary is to summarise the most important news of the week in a digestible email that can be read in 5 minutes, or over morning coffee. I usually cover topics like FinTech Startups, Digital Banking, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in general, Crowdfunding, InsurTech, Financial Innovation amongst others. Each week’s newsletters includes cherry-pickings of the best news that have happened that day. However what you receive is the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of headlines produced by writers within these topics and it can be overwhelming for a busy professional yet essential to know.

How this all happen? The magic is…

… Sorry, there is no magic, just hard work. Good news is that I do 98% of it! Your part is simple – subscribe (1%), read (1%), enjoy (free).

My motto is – ‘I curate. You digest.’ Every week I go over hundreds of new articles that are submitted as tips, or sent to me via various newsletters, news alerts, subscriptions, etc. I go over every single title, pick out the best and share them on my Twitter account (make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already). At this point, we have around 60-100 articles.

The second stage of curation is to pick the best based on source, author, virality, subject and overall relevance of the topic. I would try to cover different themes every week to make sure you are up to date with the wider industry, not just one subject.

For example, I will prioritise articles like ‘Bitcoin halving and what does it mean for us?’ vs. ‘Couple crowdfunds record wedding’ even though it may be more popular on social media. Equally, I will choose a topic on digital banking and innovation if I haven’t featured one for a while.

At the third stage, I would expect to have 20 articles that I will thoroughly analyse and pick 4 for that week’s summary – these tend to be thought leadership pieces from the top influencers and thinkers in the industry.

The final stage is to extract the most relevant information from those 4 articles and summarise them. Finally, the summaries are thoughtfully ordered and put in the email so that you can easily digest the most important information in under 5 minutes and have some short morsels to appear smart at dinner parties 😉