About Me

I’m an Economist by profession, growth hacker by trait, entrepreneur by nature. I have worked across global financial organisations and tech startup alike. I talk about FinTech, Insurtech, Innovation, AI, bots and other exciting topics in plain language. I aim to either produce or dig out the best thought leadership on these topics and share it with you. I often interview founders (drop me a line if you have something cool to share), go to events, speak to VCs and do whatever is necessary to stay on the cutting edge of the innovation. I’m also a tech geek, footballer and travelling enthusiast.


I also…

– write for BankNXT
– do large or small group presentations, workshops, one-on one coachings. I also host events or panel discussions

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Have something cool to share? Drop me a line.
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I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email to “alex at fintechsummary dot com” or find me on twitterlinkedin